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Beauty Kits for only $75.00

New Jersey Fashion Week Video

RUSTIC BLOSSOM "Promise, Purpose, Evolve"

Promise: "Whether you are visiting our boutique/showroom to make in-store purchases, shopping at our online store 24/7, picking up the merchandise you ordered from our store, or receiving your products shipped right to your door; we promise to deliver quality products always."

Purpose: "Robin Anntoinette & Davia Mone't a mother/ daughter duo are owners of Rustic Blossom. Their moto is: "We are ladies of purpose and we make simple things beautiful." Our partnership with Fashion week allows us to create opportunities for youth and adults alike who have a passion for fashion. Yes, you can shop our styles and for some realize a dream of walking the walk on a runway or being a feature model on our website or in our quarterly catalog.

Evolve: "Clothing isn't everything we know that, but being or feeling like the best versions of ourselves is. This is why we have combined hi-quality fashion and beauty products, we want you to feel and look amazing."


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